Sciter 3 beta is out

Here is Sciter 3 beta SDK distribution.

This version of Sciter is pretty much Sciter v.2 with additional GDI+ backend. All samples from the SDK will run on Windows XP and above as they are.

On Windows Vista with Service Pack 2 and above Sciter will use H/W accelerated Direct2D rendering backend.
On XP and Vista prior SP2 it will use GDI+ layer. It should also run on Windows 2000 but I didn’t test that OS yet.

Known problems (on XP) that will be fixed in final release:

  1. Gradients on graphics show artifacts.
  2. opacity CSS property is not implemented yet.
  3. Styling of some of <inputs> does not follow XP styling.
  4. IME input is supported partially (no highlighting yet).

Note: you can run all SDK samples on W7 using GDI backend. Simply add sciter-gfx=gdi to command line, for example this:

> sciter.exe sciter-gfx=gdi

will run the executable with GDI backend.

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