Shot of the day.

View on Georgia Straight from Cypress Mountain – one of sites of Winter Olympic Games 2010. Vancouver, today.

Generator functions in Sciter and tiscript.

Generator function is a function that produce sequence of values. Each call of such function returns next value of some sequence. Here is one possible implementation of generator function that can be used in Sciter. Idea of this implementation is borrowed from LUA programming language. Let’s say we would like to enumerate some array in…

Built-in Drag and Drop support in h-smile core

As far as I understand there are two distinct drag-n-drop mechanisms: Global drag-n-drop when objects are dragged from one window/application on desktop to another. In most cases this is very close to clipboard cut-n-paste but with some additional visualization. Window local drag-n-drop when objects are dragged inside single window/form. For example some shopping cart implementation….