[tiscript] ‘this’ and ‘this super’ function arguments

Each function in JavaScript and TIScript gets implicit argument named this.

So when you call method of some object as foo.bar(1) then foo object is passed to the bar(param) function as a value of this argument. And the param will get value of 1.

All of us who are practicing JS, Python, Ruby, etc. know about that ‘this’ thing pretty well.

But what shall you do when you have inner function and want to access ‘this’ value of outer function? The only way in JavaScript for that is to declare other variable with distinct name and assign ‘this’ to it: var that = this;.

To cover such code patterns I’ve introduced in TIScript “super this” concept, so we have following implicit variables in any function:

  • this – standard this variable;
  • this super – standard this variable of outer function;
  • this super super – this variable of outer-outer function;
  • etc.

Here is an example that outputs “6” in standard output:

class Test {

  function this(data) { // constructor
    this.data = data;   // instance field 

  function Outer(arg1) {
    // this - hidden argument, local variable 
    // arg1 - argument, local variable

    function Inner(arg2)  {
      // this - hidden argument, local variable 
      // arg2 - argument, local variable
      // arg1 - outer variable - outer argument
      // this super - outer variable - outer 'this' argument
        (this super).data   // 1 
        + arg1              // 2
        + arg2              // 3
    return Inner;

var test = new Test(1);

var innerFunc = test.Outer(2);

stdout.println( innerFunc(3) );

Sciter 3.1 with Mac OS X support from now

First release of Sciter 3.1 is now available at sciter-sdk.zip.

Sciter works now on Windows and on Mac OS X too.

Sciter layered window demo on Mac OS X
Sciter layered window demo on Mac OS X


  • Windows version is in stable phase (I didn’t change core implementation too much from Sciter 3.0).
  • Mac OS X is in beta phase with following known issues so far:
    • Work on master.css (default OS theme styling) is not complete yet. Expect some abnormalities in standard input renderings.
    • HTTP/HTTPS client is not complete yet so Element.request() calls (a.k.a. AJAX) will fail on http:// urls.

Note, API changes:

  • sciter.dll and sciter-osx.dylib expose single function SciterAPI() that returns pointer to "API interface table" – structure that contains all functions that used to be exposed directly in Sciter 3.0. Among other things this allows to use inspector.dll from statically linked Sciter code and to load Sciter DLL with greater flexibility. See SAPI() loader function.
  • All old API functions are implemented as inlines, like:
      inline LPCWSTR SCAPI SciterClassName () { return SAPI()->SciterClassName(); }
    so it is enough to recompile existing applications in order to use new API.
  • Mac OSX version does not have SciterProcND() for obvious reasons, use SciterCreateWindow() instead, it will create Sciter’s NSView instance inside its own NSWindow.
  • SciterCreateWindow() works on Windows too. You can use it to create standalone Sciter windows.

Fixes from latest ( version:

  • Fix of Event.x/yRoot computation
  • CSS++, mapping: left-to-right( alignment ), switches text-align:left to text-align:right and also does this for horizontal-align. It does NOT switch text-align:start | end; values.
  • Fix of text-overflow: ellipsis in GDI+ mode.
  • view.dialog() fix of custom frame, "resizeable" interpretation.
  • GDI+, rounded border rendering fix.
  • [tiscript, regexp] infinite loop on some types of REs in string.split(re).
  • [+plus] glibc++ compatibility fixes.
  • <img> fix of border rendering (default styling issue)
  • better shutdown handling (fonts)

Builds: win32, win64, osx64