Lambda functions in TIScript

I’ve added new short notation for anonymous (lambda functions) in TIScript build # Example of such notation – sort array a in descending order: a.sort(:v1,v2:v2 – v3); This is a direct equivalent of: a.sort( function(v1,v2) { return v2 – v3; } ); Therefore anonymous functions in TIScript can be declared in place in of the…

Terra Informatica Script v. 2.0

TIScript v. 2.0 has been published. New features, language: Built-in persistent storage, classes Storage and Index by Alexei Marinets. Built-in XML/HTML tokenizer class. It is based on my code from article on CodeProject Improved memory management. New features, API: API ::TIS_define_class – allows to define native packages and classes. See struct TIS_class_def in tiscript.h file….

Color-chooser, part III. Prototype… of what?

This is a continuation of: Color-chooser, part II. Three pieces of the Puzzle. First of all:  Sciter executes scripts after completion of document tree parsing. This is major difference from how conventional browser deals with scripts. So script execution in Sciter is deterministic – code in script files executed when DOM is loaded and in…

HTMLite – Windowless HTMLayout

I have added new sample win32.directx.htmlite into HTMLayout SDK distribution. It demonstrates use of htmlite on DirectX surface. I deeply appreciate its author – David Suede from Thanks a lot, David!

Color-chooser, part II. Three pieces of the Puzzle.

Functionality of our color-chooser requires some code to be designed as we definitely need to handle UI events and do some initialization of our component. Typical OOP solution for that is to design such code in a form of some class. Then we need some mechanism that will allow us to "bind" such class with…