Announce: ScIDE

ScIDE is a compact and handy source code editor with syntax highlighting (colorizing).

ScIDE is a system of HTML, CSS and scripting files that are running inside the Sciter. So ScIDE is so-called .scapp – Sciter application.

ScIDE screenshot

You can run ScIDE:

  1. inside Sciter.exe player (part of main SDK distribution) or
  2. as a separate application ScIDE.exe that is available as a separate install-by-unzip ScIDE distribution.
    ScIDE.exe is a simple bootstrap exe of Embeddable Sciter – sciter-x.dll. Its sources are in the SDK.
  3. sciter-x.dll can be embedded in other applications so ScIDE or its parts may appear in other applications too.

ScIDE uses Scintilla editing engine wrapped as so called native behavior module. Sources of the behavior + slightly modified version of Scintilla are here.

ScIDE is lightweight and very fast despite of the fact that it uses scripting. Script is used as a glue sticking UI components together.

So far ScIDE knows about html, php, asp, css, js, tis, h/hpp and c/cpp files. These colorizing schemas are defined in /scapps/sciter.ide/scintilla/schemas/*.tis files and can be extended by script.

Visual style of the whole application is totally CSS driven so can be customized in different ways.