Sciter on Mac with JUCE backend

Here is first screenshot of Sciter running on Mac.

Sciter on Mac
Sciter on Mac

I am using JUCE library created by Jules Storer as a backend here. JUCE also supports Linux, Android, iOS so I expect ports on these platforms to be available pretty soon too.

Here is the same document opened in S3 with native Windows backend. There are some differences in rendering details, working on them. Intention is to have rendering as close as possible but some differences will be there for sure, e.g. fonts are rendered differently and set of fonts is different on each platform.

Repeatable: simple jQuery plugin for rendering lists, tables, etc.

While ago I’ve published simple and compact (90 lines of code) plugin for rendering, well, repeatables.

Here is its documentation and here is live demo.

The Repeatable is a mechanism of DOM population from array of objects. Repeatable template is defined directly in markup:

<ul id="people">
    <li><a href="mailto:{{}}">{{}}</a> <b if="this.age > 18">18+</b> </li> 
    <li>No data available</li>

and that template gets cloned and instantiated for each record in the array.