The Quark

Sciter’s Quark is officially published:

Quark takes a folder with HTML/CSS/script/image resources and produces monolithic executable ready to run “as it is”:

Quark workflow

Quark is an application compiled by itself.

Application produced by the Quark is a bundle that contains Sciter Engine and custom resources that describe UI and logic of the application. Therefore minimal size of resulting binary is 5+ mb (not compressed) that is comparable with minimal “hello world” applications using other popular UI libraries and frameworks:

  • Qt – 5+ mb, but if your application needs to render HTML (QtWebKit) then the size will be around 30mb;
  • Electron – 50+ mb folder with a lot of stuff inside, 200+ mb (at least) of RAM and 2 processes (at least);
  • wxWidgets (linked statically) 3+ mb at least.

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