The build is as usual here:

Virtual list with kinetic scroll

In this build:

  • Functionality of Element.swap() and Element.sort() is back.
  • Fix of expandable image rendering issue
  • Sample sdk/samples/ideas/grid/grid.htm is fully operational now plus:
    • column-resizer
    • row sorting.
  • Fixes with position:absolute elements positioning.
  • Instead of min-intrinsic/max-intrinsic length values the engine uses min-content and max-content. CSS3 tends to use these names. min-intrinsic and max-intrinsic are and will be recoginized.
  • Fix of Element.clone() method.
  • Fix of Element.scrollTo() method.
  • sdk/samples/ideas/virtual-list/ sample is operational now. See screenshot on the right.
  • sdk/samples/replace-animator/ sample was slightly redesigned – renders better I think.