Freedom or liberty?

We are getting tons of spam on our email addresses and in blogs. We all get used to it. Click on “Delete this e-mail message” button became one of our reflexes…

Coin that has “Freedom of speech” on one side has many dirty things written on other side.

Just got one of such today:

Message started as: “I hate ( name of president of the country on the other side of the Earth ) … ”
has link to site (selling something) in domain .us (USA). It has email address (fake one) from one of public e-mail servers in domain .ru (Russia). And it was sent from IP that belongs to China Telecom address range. (Machiavelli, where are you?)

This is not a spam anymore. This is provocation.

My message is not about particular countries (this stuff could come from anywhere) but about the whole system. We shall do something with this. Freedom or liberty? that is the question.