Facts of life

My father passed away last week, at the age of 79. It happened 8 days after a prostate surgery he desperately wanted to have which turned out to be cancer.

I have many regrets now, not spending some time with him these last (very painful) months being on the top of my list.

I’m not telling you all these because I want to have an excuse for being such unresponsive to your requests; I’m telling you all these because I feel like doing so.

All I can do now is drink some vodka (palinca in my case), remember him in his best times and take care of my mother.

If you are blessed to have living parents, try to spend more time with them, because you’ll never know when they’ll no longer be with you; take them out to lunch, have a walk in the park, take them fishing. Do this for my father.

May God rest his soul.

PS: There are a ton of unopened emails in my inbox. I’ll answer each and every one of them within the next few days. I’m sorry and I hope you understand.