Bloomberg Terminal, how I would do it with Sciter.

I think the image above looks familiar to people working around stock exchange. The screen contains many areas that are updated in real time so it is interesting to try to implement this using Sciter and its rendering pipelines. So I’ve made simple mockup of typical screen used there, in particular that scrollable list with…

Sciter+Node versus Electron

Electron As we know Electron.js is built of Chromium and Node.js. Where Chromium is a full scale Web browser that even uses its own, independent JavaScript engine. Therefore each Electron.js application is essentially a separate Web browser and Web server installed on your machine – as many Electron applications you are running – as many…

10 years of FlexBox’ing

10 years ago we, at W3C-style WG mail list, started discussion of giving CSS at least some flexibility. That was the time of semantic Web battles that showed up in “don’t use <table> for layout purposes” witch-hunt among others. The problem was that CSS did not offer any option to vertically align stuff inside browser…

C# Span versus aux::slice

The Span<T> has landed in .NET Standard today. According to the article (Span<T> is) at the heart of most performance-related improvements in .NET Core 2.1. Since it allows managing buffers in a more efficient way, it can help in reducing allocations and copying. We consider Span to be a very fundamental type as it requires…


HTML-NOTEPAD application is out While it works for me consider it as a beta. More features and fixes will be added down the road.

#include source “foo.c”, why not?

If we would have #include source construct that includes compilation units into final assembly (rather than just headers in-place) any library can be included to a project as plain .c file:

Splitting strings

Have read Splitting Strings by Chris Zetter mini saga… What this expression: “”.split(“,”) shall produce?