FreeConferenceCall – Sciter UI

FreeConferenceCall company has published new version of their video conferencing application that aims at one-presenter-thousands-viewers video conferences and screen sharing. Their application works on Windows and OS X and uses solely Sciter based UI with extensive use of Sciter’s unique popup DOM elements. Even video is rendered by Sciter with custom native video frames providers….

Tokenizer + ::mark() = syntax colorizer

Here is selfie of syntax (tiscript) colorizer – the text below is a full source code of syntax highlighting routine. The code has colorized itself: Can your browser do that in 40 lines of code? And here are styles that define style of tokens: plaintext > text::mark(number) { color: brown; } plaintext > text::mark(number-unit) {…

::mark(…) feature is comming

Please consider these tasks: Find all words in text on HTML page and highlight them Syntax highlighting: parse text of <pre> and mark all keywords by changing their color Find all misspelled words in <textarea> highlight them specifically. Currently you can do #1 and #2 by wrapping each text found into <span>s with specific classes…

New DOM/script inspector is coming

Sciter’s is getting new Inspector tool. New Inspector is a standalone executable that communicates with the inspectable Sciter window (view) over TCP/IP using DataSockets. There are few reasons behind such architecture: Mac OSX and GTK (or QT) do not really support multiple GUI threads in the same GUI process. Inspector UI must be run independently…

Sciter3, print preview is getting back

Print and Print Preview feature will appear in upcoming Sciter versions. It uses the same architecture ( page-template -> document to print) as in S1. Among other things it will support scriptable drawing using paintContent(gfx) and print event handlers on template level.