HTMPrintMeasure or basics of HTML/CSS printing

PrintEx API of htmlayout has HTMPrintMeasure function with the following signature: HPRESULT HTMPrintMeasure(HTMPRINT hPrint, HDC hdc, int scaledWidth, int viewportWidth, int viewportHeight, int* pOutNumberOfPages); I would like to explain here meanings of its parameters as I am getting questions about printing and scaling pretty frequently. First fact that we need to know: pixels in HTML…

HTMLayout. Success story.

Here is a success story of one of our customers. Some goverment agency in some country. Migrating from IE control to HTMLAYOUT Problem We have a suite of products deployed in multiple geographical locations to about 150 clients. The suite is implemented in Law Enforcement Agencies to leverage the use of technology in ensuring the…

HTMLite – Windowless HTMLayout

I have added new sample win32.directx.htmlite into HTMLayout SDK distribution. It demonstrates use of htmlite on DirectX surface. I deeply appreciate its author – David Suede from Thanks a lot, David!

Windowless HTMLayout

Build # of HTMLayout contains new set of API functions allowing to use htmlayout in windowless mode. There are cases where such windowless mode (to be precise HWND-less) is needed. Think about games. They use DirectX surfaces and implement window or view structures internally. Now HTML can be used inside such internal views.

H-SMILE core. Popup and context menus (HTMLayout and Sciter engines)

For references in this article use std-menus.css file. Popup menus Popup menus are designed as set of behaviors menu-bar, menu and popup-menu. As always in the engine behaviors are applied to the DOM elements by CSS attribute behavior. Menus in the engine are ordinary DOM elements thus can be styled in full by using CSS…