Sciter. Part I. So what is the Sciter anyway?

Hard to say… Sciter is an Offline Web Application Client (I can feel smell of tautology in Offline Web). In other words it is Excution Environment for Occassionally Connected Web Applications. (Last definition is significantly better, isn’t it?)

And here goes the same as above but in plain English (or in what I assume is English) language:

You may think about the Sciter as a Web client application (some smart people use name User Agent – UA) of special kind. “Special” here means that Sciter as a web client is capable to work in offline (disconnected) mode too. What’s the deal you will ask? Everyone can click on icon of his/her favorite UA and browse pages stored on his/her local drive. But… this is pretty much all of what you can do with standard UA. Not too much, isn’t it?

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