Site transition

Transferred the site to other provider and redesigned it a bit to conform mobiles and modern https requirements. I’ve made picture on the left in watercolor. But need to rescan it probably… That’s illustration to Alexander Grin romantic novel “Crimson Sails” .

Open Source severs the link between good software and good software business, and the two veer off naturally in different directions. At worst, Open Source business models incentivize worse software. That above matches my own observations.

When you want to ask for help in programming …

then use the following template: Explain details that you see as much as possible. Environment, problem, etc. Explain exactly what you want – what you think should be happening. Explain what is actually happening. Explain why you think it should be working differently. By walking through all these steps you may find answer by yourself….

Web Frameworks: React vs Vue

Practical investigation on effectiveness of Virtual DOM (React) updates versus direct DOM updates (Vue). Clearly React takes significantly more CPU time for the task of updating 100 items list. That proves once again that there is no silver bullet in Web Front End design. Each task has its own optimal framework/architecture. “Ideal framework” should allow…