Sciter+Node versus Electron

Electron As we know Electron.js is built of Chromium and Node.js. Where Chromium is a full scale Web browser that even uses its own, independent JavaScript engine. Therefore each Electron.js application is essentially a separate Web browser and Web server installed on your machine – as many Electron applications you are running – as many…

10 years of FlexBox’ing

10 years ago we, at W3C-style WG mail list, started discussion of giving CSS at least some flexibility. That was the time of semantic Web battles that showed up in “don’t use <table> for layout purposes” witch-hunt among others. The problem was that CSS did not offer any option to vertically align stuff inside browser…

C# Span versus aux::slice

The Span<T> has landed in .NET Standard today. According to the article (Span<T> is) at the heart of most performance-related improvements in .NET Core 2.1. Since it allows managing buffers in a more efficient way, it can help in reducing allocations and copying. We consider Span to be a very fundamental type as it requires…


HTML-NOTEPAD application is out While it works for me consider it as a beta. More features and fixes will be added down the road.

#include source “foo.c”, why not?

If we would have #include source construct that includes compilation units into final assembly (rather than just headers in-place) any library can be included to a project as plain .c file:

Splitting strings

Have read Splitting Strings by Chris Zetter mini saga… What this expression: “”.split(“,”) shall produce?

How I became a programmer

Due to my grandma, macaroni and by accident. I’ve explained it on Quora. Wow, just discovered that the story got 4000 up-votes. Cool, eh?