Sciter.JS and QuickJS++

Sciter.JS is a “reformulation” of Sciter that uses JavaScript (ES6 specification) instead of my TIScript. Sciter.JS uses QuickJS++ – my version of Fabrice Bellard’s original QuickJS.

General directions of Sciter.JS:

  1. Keep binary small – 5 Mb max. That is mission critical for the embeddable engine.
  2. Implement basic set of JS API (DOM and runtime) that is minimally sufficient to run AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Mithril based applications either as it is or with minimal JS based compatibility layer.
  3. All script extensions, like JSX, will be added on top of ES6 specification without breaking it.

TL;DR: to have Sciter that can run tons of existing libraries and components designed for the Web but as desktop applications.

On the image: demo from Sciter.JS.sdk that runs the same HTML document in browser and in Sciter.JS as it is.

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