Robot Vasilii, progress report.

(that is continuation of my previous article about Vasilii the Robot )

Not too much progress actually as I am busy with Sciter. Behavior of the robot is still quite basic as you see:

But at this stage I have finalized its on board framework with my async.hpp library – header only await/async primitives.

async.hpp is an implementation of coroutines, async/await, semaphores and timers in pure C++. Simple, transparent and effective. Async.hpp is actually reformulation of my C++ generators inspired by async.h library.

Async.h is C thing but due to C++, async,hpp is I think simpler to use.

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  1. Such a cute Wall-E’s little brother -.-
    BG is very nice to be heard in the bg and makes for a fittingly melancholic atmosphere of Vasiliy’s troubled roamings..)

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