Making Sciter Open Source

I’d like to transform Sciter Engine project to Open Source eventually.

As for me Open Source is a great responsibility and to make Sciter Open Source requires significant amount of work – code needs to be commented thoroughly, overall source architecture to be documented, source code restructured.

Yet I need to make it compliable by modern build tools. For now I am using Visual Studio and msbuild on Windows, XCode on MacOS and Code::Blocks project and build tools on Linux. That needs to be unified somehow: CMake and/or other means – also quite a lot of work.

So I am looking for sponsors that will help me to do that. Please contact me if that sounds interesting to you and you can help.

Somewhen in 2008 I was approached by people from Cisco to buy out HTMLayout/Sciter project as a whole (copyright, etc). But it did not go through due to financial crisis at that moment – it was a tough time for companies. I am open to something like this now too.

The whole above does not mean that I am going to stop Sciter development anytime soon, rather to intensify it.

As an example – Sciter may get married with QuickJS to create finally humanistic alternative to Electron. Yet there are other perspective directions like marrying Sciter’s HTML/CSS engine with Dart VM, that will be obviously better than the Flutter. Yet Sciter can be wrapped into native Go‘s library and so on – pretty much each modern language requires unified UI solution in to be used in UI.

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