Making Sciter Open Source

I’d like to transform Sciter Engine project to Open Source eventually.

As for me Open Source is a great responsibility and to make Sciter Open Source requires significant amount of work – code needs to be commented thoroughly, overall source architecture to be documented, source code restructured.

Yet I need to make it compliable by modern build tools. For now I am using Visual Studio and msbuild on Windows, XCode on MacOS and Code::Blocks project and build tools on Linux. That needs to be unified somehow: CMake and/or other means – also quite a lot of work.

So I am looking for sponsors that will help me to do that. Please contact me if that sounds interesting to you and you can help.

Somewhen in 2008 I was approached by people from Cisco to buy out HTMLayout/Sciter project as a whole (copyright, etc). But it did not go through due to financial crisis at that moment – it was a tough time for companies. I am open to something like this now too.

The whole above does not mean that I am going to stop Sciter development anytime soon, rather to intensify it.

As an example – Sciter may get married with QuickJS to create finally humanistic alternative to Electron. Yet there are other perspective directions like marrying Sciter’s HTML/CSS engine with Dart VM, that will be obviously better than the Flutter. Yet Sciter can be wrapped into native Go‘s library and so on – pretty much each modern language requires unified UI solution in to be used in UI.

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  1. Wow Sciter going open source is big news and a welcome step ahead.
    Personally I would love to see Sciter getting married to QuickJs and produce beautiful babies. I see wide adaptation, if somehow all the libraries available on ‘npm’ can be used in Sciter. Sciter has always been ahead of the times and would love to see being that way.

  2. Hi. I dont think sciter going open source will be a big thing. It is a complex piece of software that requires certain expertise and i dont see a lot of people contributing to such a project.

    I have seen some of your comments andrew on hn and similar sites about companies trying to screw you over when it comes to licenses. That is a bit disheartening but understandable when I think about the pricing.

    I think Sciter should pivot into a service company. I would adjust the prices a bit and work on quality of life tools ( a refined ui designer with a platform for sharing templates and designs similar to dribbble ).

    Educational material is a necessity these days and there just is not really anything for sciter.

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