BlockNote on KickStarter


I have started BlockNote campaign on Kickstarter

That is about funding of BlockNote2 development: WYSIWYG HTML editor for the rest of us that will work on Windows, Mac and Linux.

BlockNote editor was free last 10 years and if you have found it handy please donate if you can. Each river starts from a small stream.

As a part of this campaign I am also offering discounts (up to 50%) for Sciter license and source code access. And yet advertisement spots on BlockNote front page. Note: that space and number of offerings is limited.

2 Replies to “BlockNote on KickStarter”

  1. hi andrew

    So, this would be not just for text-writing, but also aimed for designing entire HTML layouts, that is, a visual HTML editor? (as we see in on-line services like webly, wix)

    Also, the generated HTML/CSS would be intended for viewing in standard HTML browsers? or just in Sciter?

  2. BlockNote is aimed for “internet writers” primarily – people who create actual content.

    I can imagine some plugin in BlockNote that will allow you to choose template for your site and edit content of textual blocks you will get.
    But that’s pretty much all what could be done in WYSIWYG mode (without knowing basics of web programming). Modern CSS cannot be handled in WYSIWYG.

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