Sciter HTML parsing flavour

HTML parser in Sciter v.3 supports attribute shortcuts allowing to write HTML in more compact form. Compare these two declarations that are identical (to the Sciter):


  <input|currency(itemPrice) value=1000> 

and standard:

  <input type="currency" name="itemPrice" value=1000> 

As you see the first one is slightly shorter and better readable (subjective of course).

Here is full list of supported attribute shortcuts:

  • #nameid, attribute name that starts from ‘#’ is parsed as id=”name”
  • .nameclass, this is an equivalent of class="name". Element may have multiple “dot attributes”. All of them are combined into single class attribute. So this <div.container.collapsed> is treated as this: <div class=”container collapsed”>
  • |nametype, attribute name that starts from ‘|’ is parsed as type="name"
  • (someName)name, attribute name enclosed into ‘(‘ and ‘)’ is parsed as name="someName"

Just in case 🙂

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