Can I get checkboxes back somehow?

I think it is something wrong with modern variations of checkboxes. Consider this iOS version:

iOS checkbox

It is not clear is it in “On” state or you need to click on “On” label to switch it on?

But people from Windows 8 usability team went even further with their version:
Windows 8 checkbox

Am I the only one who think that this is completely non-intuitive?

The check box has to have two distinct visual styles telling its current state without need for the user to guess its state. IMO, old plain check mark is just perfect idiom for that, why do we need to reinvent the wheel here?

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  1. the iPhone one, I think with time people get used to it, mainly because of the colored aspect (blue when ON, red when OFF). Now Windows 8, that is a total fail in usability.

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