Sciter SDK

file-thumbnail screenshot

HTML/CSS core:

  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean texts rendering fixes.
  • IAccessible fixes.
  • API: set of SciterNode*** functions – DOM non-element nodes: text and comment. See: sciter-x-dom.h and sciter::dom::node class in sciter-x-dom.hpp.
  • @media { ... rules ... } is an equivalent of @media false { ... rules ... } – rules in this block will not be interpreted by sciter. To distinguish h-smile and conventional browsers CSS rules.
  • CSS: vertical-align:baseline in flow:horizontal | horizontal-wrap | "template";
  • CSS: text-wrap:unrestricted support.
  • behavior:file-thumbnail – shows either file preview or file icon. derived from behavior:file-icon so usage is the same. See sdk/samples/goodies/file-thumbnail.htm
  • CSS: support of lang(…) selector, example :lang(en) and :lang(en-ca).
  • support of WM_XBUTTONDOWN/UP.
  • CSS:  support of vertical-scrollbar:rgb(R,G,B) and horizontal-scrollbar:rgb(R,G,B) for elements using overflow:scroll-indicator. Define color of the indicator.


  • var (x,y) = view.cursorLocation(); – cursor location relative to client area of the window.
  • Node scripting class – DOM non-element nodes: text and comment. See sdk/doc/content.sciter/Node.htm
  • Element.paintOutline = function(gfx) {} – drawing on top of foreground layer. See: sdk/samples/goodies/file-thumbnail.htm
  • Fix of (this function) issue, see:


  • sdk/samples/ideas/virtual-tree/ – virtual tree
  • sdk/samples/goodies/file-thumbnail.htm – file thumbnails.

Other fixes.