Sciter SDK

New SDK is here:

Sciter screenshot

New features:

  • [CSS] background-attachment: scroll | local | fixed; is back.
  • [CSSS!] "string".compare("other string") – lexical string comparison.
  • [TIS] "string".lexicalCompare("other string") – lexical string comparison.
  • [CSS] image-transformation, additive cascade: combining lists from different rules. Allows to combine transformations from different rules. See: sdk/samples/image-transformations.css++/additive-transformations.htm
  • [CSS] behavior:marquee is back. See: sdk/samples/effects/marquee.htm
  • Sciter2 port of behavior_tabs.cpp from Sciter1 SDK.
  • behavior:file-icon is back, see: sdk/samples/goodies/file-icon.htm
  • @novalue support for behavior:edit, password, textarea.
  • [CSS] New ellipsis drawing mode: text-overflow:path-ellipsis  – draws ellipsis in the middle of string.  
  • Windows non-aero themes / "classic" theme support. Not all shapes are supported yet though.
  • TIScriptAPI API function is back.
  • Element.bindImage(url,img) – dynamic image generation for CSS. See: /sdk/samples/graphics/test-dynamic-background.htm and /sdk/samples/ideas/preview/thumbnail.htm
  • IAccessible support on Sciter window.
  • <select type="dropdown-select" multiple> – dropdown select with multiple selected options. See: /sdk/samples/forms/select-dropdown-variants.htm
  • Graphics.line/fillLinear/RadialGradient() methods support multiple color stops now. See: /sdk/samples/graphics/test-immediate-mode.htm


  • fix of dynamic updates of display:inline elements with parent flow:***
  • fix of dynamic updates of visibility:visible|collapse.
  • fix of <!DOCTYPE … preambula parsing.
  • masked-edit, various fixes.
  • fix background-image-transformation + animations.
  • fix of table on popup drawing problem, see:
  • fix of Element.$replace() method.
  • html parser tweaks for erroneous table markup.
  • IME (East Asian languages support) works now.
  • Proper WM_SETFOCUS/WM_KILLFOCUS handling on Sciter window.
  • fix of <optgroup> handling.
  • fix of visibility:hidden of display:inline-block’s;
  • fix of SciterDataReadyAsync for CSS files.
  • fix of SciterSetElementText() handling by elements that have attached behaviors.
  • fix of <select editable> value handling.
  • fix of erroneous unescaped ‘&’ handling.

New samples:

  • sdk/samples/forms/edit-plus.htm – demonstrates extensions and use of methods like selectAll() on behavior:edit and behavior:textarea;
  • sdk/samples/ideas/lightbox-dialog – that famous lightbox with modal event processing.
  • sdk/samples/image-transformations.css++/additive-transformations.htm
  • sdk/samples/effects/marquee.htm
  • sdk/samples/replace-animator/test3.htm – one more demo of Metro style animations.
  • sdk/samples/goodies/file-icon.htm
  • /sdk/samples/graphics/test-dynamic-background.htm
  • /sdk/samples/ideas/preview/thumbnail.htm
  • /sdk/samples/forms/select-dropdown-variants.htm
  • /sdk/samples/graphics/test-immediate-mode.htm