Graphin engine

I have started Graphin.dll project – portable and compact graphics engine based on AGG (agg2d in particular).

Graphin url is

API mimics Graphics and Image objects but in plain C. In principle this is close to the <canvas> from WHAT WG .

Graphin.dll includes also pnglib/zlib and jpeglib with the ability to load and save image object to/from byte vectors (and so mm files) as png/jpeg.

Intention is to have graphics engine that is portable and simple to use. With Graphin it should be possible to reproduce <canvas> functionality
in any language/environment.

There is nothing spectacular yet there but structure is established and couple of methods like graphics_rectangle, graphics_line, etc are written.

Graphin is based on agg 2.4 and contains that agg2d thing written by Maxim Schemanarev .

agg2d class was ported by Jerry Evans from agg 2.3 and contains fixes made by Maxim, myself and Pavel Korzh.

New members of the project are very welcome.

I am planing to use Graphin as graphics backend of multiplatform versions of htmlayout and sciter.

Update: here is a screenshot of Graphin Demo project.
Graphin Demo