Terra Informatica Script v. 2.0

TIScript v. 2.0 has been published.

New features, language:

  • Built-in persistent storage, classes Storage and
    Index by Alexei Marinets.

  • Built-in XML/HTML tokenizer class. It is based on my code from article on CodeProject

  • Improved memory management.

New features, API:

  • API ::TIS_define_class – allows to define native packages and classes. See struct TIS_class_def in tiscript.h file. See implementation of sample classes in SDK/samples/console/native_classes.cpp.

  • SDK now includes json_value.h and json_aux.h files. Use of json::value allows to pass objects, arrays and scalar types between native and script code.

We express our gratitude to:

  • David Betz for his perfect BOB language and implementation. TIScript was inspired by BOB in many aspects.

  • Konstantin Knizhnik for his excellent DyBase engine. Slightly modified DyBase engine is a core of TIScipt built-in persistent storage.