HTMLayout SDK for PowerBasic

HtmLayout is distributed in binary form as a native Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that is about 600KB uncompressed. HtmLayout is very easy to use from PowerBasic with the SDK (Software Development Kit) include files that can be downloaded from this page.

The HtmLayout SDK for PowerBasic currently includes support for:

  • [Image of input data form in HtmLayout] HTML loading and rendering operations
  • HTML Document Object Model
  • Hosting common controls in HtmLayout
  • Locating controls within the dom
  • Getting and setting the value of controls
  • Popup html windows for use as HTML tooltips or dropdown windows

HtmLayout provides a custom behaviors API that allows you to define how HTML elements will be drawn and how they react on keyboard and mouse events. The HtmLayout SDK for PowerBasic includes the following predefined behaviors that can be "attached" to HTML dom elements.

  • Hyperlink: mouse event notifications
  • Command: command button notifications
  • Collapsible: dhtml collapsible elements
  • Splitter: dhtml splitter bars
  • Tabs: dhtml stacked panels switchable by tabs
  • Popup/Dropdown: dhtml popup/dropdown block elements

[Image of Complexspiral Redux page in HtmLayout] The HtmLayout SDK for PowerBasic includes a PBWin8 test program that can be used to display html test files that demonstrate some of the capabilities of HtmLayout. The html test files and the PowerBasic source code of the test program are included with the SDK download. By examining the source code you will see how to incorporate HtmLayout into your own applications.

Keith Waters