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Memory consumption on Windows CE 6.0

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  1. pke

    I am impressed what your component can achieve!
    I created an application for Win CE 6.0 using IE6. It used a LOT of memory (about 17MiB) and more importantly it leaked memory a lot.

    I wonder how your component will compare and if there are any known memory leaks?
    I've tested the browse sample app on the device and its consuming 1.3MiB which is quite good!

    Do you have any number regarding memory consumption on the mobile device?

    Posted 6 years ago #
  2. andrew
    Key Master

    I am not aware about any memory leaks. HTMLayout and Sciter are used in production in many software products. See "Our customers" page for example. Some companies from the list have very strong QA departments and memory leakage is the very first thing that they test.

    But it does not mean that any app that uses HTMLayout/Sciter is not leaking html/css related memory. For example if you have more HTMLayoutUseElement() calls than HTMLayoutUnUseElement() you will get a perfect memory leak.
    I suggest to use dom::element C++ wrapper to access and hold references to DOM elements. dom::element is a specialized smart pointer - manages references automatically.

    Posted 6 years ago #

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